Tyre Maintenance Tips

The most crucial component of a car is its tyres, if not the entire vehicle. Unfortunately, many motorists neglect to properly maintain their tyres, which can have detrimental effects. Poor tyre care can put you and others at risk for a traffic collision as well as damage the performance of your car and necessitate expensive repairs. 


We here at Griffin Autos will talk you through a few simple steps to help you maintain the good condition of your tyres:


  1. Check the pressure 

The steering, handling, braking, and mileage of your car can all be significantly impacted by tyre pressure. Tyres that are either under- or over-inflated can increase fuel consumption and increase their susceptibility to damage. The worst case scenario of having the incorrect tyre pressure is a blowout, which could result in you losing control of your vehicle. 


Make sure to check your tyres’ pressure at least once a month, including the spare, to avoid endangering yourself or any passengers aboard or needing to contact for roadside assistance. Additionally, you should check the pressure before long trips or if your automobile is towing a heavier-than-usual load. 


  1. Look for damage

Additionally, it’s crucial for drivers to physically inspect their tyres for any symptoms of unusual wear or damage. Cuts, lumps or any other things that have pierced the tyre can fall under this category. If you detect any of these issues, you should get them inspected by a qualified mechanic and, if necessary, rectified. In some circumstances, a brand-new tyre will need to be installed in its stead. 


If you experience a puncture while driving, try to fix it with the spare tyre until you can go to the closest garage to have it looked at. Remember that spare tyres are only intended for short-term use and should be replaced as soon as practical with a standard one.


  1. Check the tread

The efficiency of your car and general safety, particularly in inclement weather, are directly impacted by the treads of your tyres. It is crucial to ensure that the tread depth does not go below the 1.6mm legal minimum. Your tyres must be replaced right away if the tread is at or below the minimum depth. 


Keep in mind that it is unlawful, exceedingly dangerous, and will cause your car to fail its MOT test to drive with tyres that are below this limit. To provide optimal control and maximise your vehicle’s safety, the proper depth is crucial.


  1. Don’t overload your car

It may be more dangerous than you realise to overload your vehicle. A vehicle that is heavily loaded can have its handling compromised and experience severe heat wear on its tyres. This could result in a tyre explosion and increase your risk of being involved in a car accident. Fortunately, the majority of tyres now come with a label with the tyre load index marked on it. Be careful not to consume more than is advised. The plaque on the door frame may also have information about how much weight your car is capable of carrying safely.


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