Common Heating System Issues

The start of a new year unfortunately does not necessarily mean the start of warmer temperatures so maintaining the health of your car’s heating system remains important. We here at Griffin Autos will explore in this blog the most common reasons why your heating system stops working.

Wiring and Fuses

Your car’s wiring, like your faulty HVAC controls, could be damaged or have a short in it. This would imply that the heating is not activated when the driver instructs it to do so.

Low Antifreeze Levels

The second most prevalent problem is a lack of antifreeze or coolant. Whenever your coolant/antifreeze levels fall, the hot fluid cannot reach the heater core and your vehicle remains cold. This can happen if the engine is overworked and overheats, or if it was not properly refilled.

Thermostat Issues

The most typical explanation of your car’s failing heat is a malfunctioning or damaged thermostat. Stuck either open or closed, the part might disrupt not just your heating system but also your engine’s cooling system.

Leaky Radiator

A leaking radiator can potentially impede coolant from reaching your heater core and, in the worst-case scenario, harm your engine.

Clogged Heater Core

Debris and particulates that get into the coolant system can obstruct your heater core, thankfully this happens less frequently compared to the other difficulties. This can occur when a radiator rusts from the inside or when debris passes through the radiator and becomes lodged in the heater core.

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