Preparing for Cold Weather: 8 Car Maintenance Tips

Winter driving conditions can be challenging for vehicles and can catch you off guard. However, you can make sure your automobile is prepared for the winter weather with a little planning. So, we here at Griffin Autos have put together a quick guide to make sure that you and your car are prepared for the change in weather.

1. Check your oil levels

Verify that the oil level on your car’s dipstick is between the minimum and maximum marks. Damage to the engine or a breakdown can result from low oil levels. Once your automobile has fully warmed up, you should check the oil level. Oil will appear low on a cold automobile. Never forget that too much as well as too little oil might be harmful.

2. Clean your lights

With the wet dirt found on the roads during winter months, cars and their lights can get incredibly dirty in a short period of time. It is important, due to reduced visibility in winter weather, to keep your lights clean of all dirt and debris. If your car doesn’t have headlamp washers, you can achieve this by running a cloth over them before you set off on your journey. You should also keep a cloth in your car in case you need to pull over and repeat somewhere along your travel route.

3. Test your battery

The most common reason for car failures is a dead or damaged battery, and cold, wet, and icy weather increase the likelihood of battery failure. If at all possible, aim to replace your car’s battery every three years, or sooner if it’s giving you trouble in the cold.

4. Don’t dismiss your dashboard warning lights

The meaning of the warning lights on most people’s dashboards remains unknown to them. Therefore, it would be a good time to learn what each of these lights represents as winter draws closer. Get it looked out right away if one shows up on your dashboard.

5. Assess your tyres

Worn tyres are hazardous at all times, but they are more risky in icy, snowy, or muddy conditions when stopping distances lengthen. In order to maintain safe stopping distances, experts advise changing tyres at 3mm rather than the minimal 1.6mm required by law. Make sure you have a roadworthy spare as well.

6. Check wiper blades and washer fluid

Verify that your wipers are in good shape, free of holes or tears, and capable of cleaning your windscreen effectively. You can occasionally wipe them down with a fresh cloth.

You’ll also need a lot of washer fluid because the volume of spray striking your windscreen during the winter months when the roads are wet, muddy, or salty is increased. Not only is it unlawful, but it’s also risky to drive without fluid in the screen washer container.

7. Antifreeze

Make sure your antifreeze is full since it prevents the water in your engine’s cooling system from freezing.

8. Check your brakes

Particularly in the winter, you need to keep your brakes in excellent condition. Get them checked if they squeak, make other noises, or produce strange feelings.

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