A Guide to Our Body Shop

Here at Griffin Autos we offer even more than car service, car repairs, and Vauxhall service. Our specialist body shop offers everything from stone chip repair to body kit installation to complete car/van resprays, we can handle it all. Additionally, we undertake all insurance work in the body shop as well, simplifying the process for you.

Stone Chip Repair

In cars, stone chips are a typical occurrence, mainly on the bonnet. They damage the paint in a tiny, localised, and very profound manner. A lot of people choose to touch up their own paint when they discover a stone chip. This is effective for small chips and regions of damage, but there are several circumstances in which a professional stone chip repair is necessary for your car, including:

  • When the base metal is visible due to the stone chip
  • When there are rust patches
  • When you have numerous or sizable chips

For chip repairs, rust is a concern since the new paint won’t attach to the rusted metal. Rust will continue to permeate the metal if you fail to initially remove it. This could lead to a considerably more expensive future repair or panel replacement.

Vehicle Respray

When a car is repainted, it is either painted the same colour as the rest of the car or a completely different shade. When specific panels need to be painted to match the remainder of the vehicle, automotive paint repair is typically necessary. If the owner prefers, they can have a complete car respray done to alter the colour of their vehicle.

Car lovers who need a paint repair after an accident will find a car respray to be extremely helpful. Avoiding shortcuts when repainting a car is the best strategy. This entails removing the car’s existing paint so that the metal is left exposed. It’s crucial to remove any corrosion, dents, old paint, and filler from the car. While this method is the most accurate technique to repaint a car, it is also the most expensive.

Body Kit

An assortment of exterior automotive changes known as a car body kit often includes things such as front and rear bumpers, and occasionally wing mirrors. They are typically added by auto enthusiasts or owners to enhance the general aesthetic of their new automobile and give it a unique appeal.

People opt to modify their cars with body kits for a variety of reasons. Some do it for the better aesthetics, while others do it for the increased aerodynamics. Body pieces that are damaged can be repaired or replaced using body kits.

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