In the UK, more and more people are opting to use Winter tyres in the cooler months.  Not just suitable for snow and ice, Winter tyres help maintain grip and control on the roads.  However, for optimal performance it is suggested that they be used when the temperature regularly falls under 7°C.  This can make it difficult to know precisely when to change them, after all, we have been known to have snow in spring!

When is best?

Looking at UK temperature statistics you will likely be using Winter tyres from November through to March, but this is not set in stone.  For example, in February 2019 there was a temperature spike which meant that the temperature was above the advised limits.  

It is also worth noting that if you are planning a trip to Europe, and driving there, some countries such as Germany will require your car have ‘tyres with winter properties’ in snowy or icy conditions, which may fall out of typical winter months.  So make sure you consider that when debating switching tyres.

But if you have no trips planned we advise that when the weekly average temperature is above 7°C, you should get them changed to summer tyres.  You will be able to then store them for the next cold season.  

Why do I need to change them?

The increasing temperatures of Spring and the heights of Summer will result in an increased wear on your Winter tyres, meaning more money out of your pocket.  Changing them means that they will last longer, and will not wear down as quickly.

Currently there is no law about using Winter tyres or when to change them, but if you do use them then making sure to follow advice could lengthen the lifespan of your tyres.  


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