Problems with your power steering can make your car extremely hard to turn. Whilst problems with power steering can be fixed, they can be dangerous for a driver that suddenly loses this power.

There are various reasons your power steering may stop working, and so for our latest post, we discuss some of the most common reasons and what can be done about them.

A Leak in the Power Steering

A leak in the power steering is often the most popular fault when it comes to power steering failure. There are several signs that present a leak in the power steering, but by far the most obvious will be fluid on the driver’s side, where the floor where the car is parked.

The liquid leaked from the power steering will often be an amber colour or clear, but could be the same colour as your engine oil if the fluid is old.

Aside from seeing fluid on the driver’s side, if you have a leak in your power steering, you may notice a grinding sound when turning the wheel. This sound indicates the fluid is extremely low and should be looked at immediately. Running out of power steering fluid completly can cause the pump to burn out, so it is vital to get your vehicle checked if you suspect a leak.

Drive Belt Slipping

If the belt in your pump starts to slip, you will hear very a noticeable squealing when you turn the vehicle in a sharp turn. If you hear any unusual sounds from your car, you should always seek advice from a professional mechanic on these.

Cracked & Worn Hoses

Sometimes, after several years of use, the hoses that form part of the power steering system can begin to show signs of wear, including cracks.

Unfortunately, the only way to tell if these components are showing signs of wear is to have them periodically inspected. This makes regular servicing important.

On the other hand, some cases may indicate that the hose has come into contact with other components in the car and began to become worn down. Over time, the hose may burst completely, causing a lack of pressure, which, in turn, will cause the steering to become very hard.

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