Cars are such a ubiquitous site that it can sometimes be difficult to imagine them looking any different to how do today. Some of the very first cars, however, were in fact made with a steam engine. Gas powered cars were introduced in 1891, making a big turning point in the evolution of our vehicles.

In the latest post from Griffin Autos, we will be discussing the evolution of cars in further detail, taking a look at how they came to be the models we are familiar with today.

What Did The First Cars Look Like?

In the modern day we are used to many comfortable features inside our cars, including heated seats, air conditioning, heating and adjustable seats to name just a few. However, the very first cars did not have a windscreen, opening doors or even a round steering wheel, they used a tiller to turn left and right.

Henry Ford’s invention of the production line meant that cars became mass produced and, consequently, more affordable. It’s in Ford’s 1906 Model T that we begin to see similar elements of the modern cars that we are familiar with today.

With mass production also came a plethora of new features, including seat belts, rear-view mirrors and speedometers. You may think that the next feature to have been introduced on cars would be indicators. Air conditioning and electric windows, however, were actually introduced before indicators, which did not become a feature on cars until 1936.

Over the years, throughout the 50’s and 60’s, more and more features were added to cars, improving their safety and getting them closer to the kind of vehicles we now drive. In 1951, power steering was introduced, making the cars easier to handle and steer. Cruise control was introduced in 1957, once again improving a drivers experience. Heated seats came in 1966, much earlier than many may have thought.

Modern Day Cars

From the ’90s, CD players, keyless entry systems and more were added to cars, further enhancing the driving experience and mixing entertainment with practical elements.

Our cars today are a far cry from the earlier models, with some features not even in existence years ago.

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