If you are used to driving in cities or towns, you may be surprised by how you need to adapt when driving through the countryside. For today’s post, we take a look at hazards you’ll find in the countryside and our top tips for navigating these winding roads.


In towns and cities, you may be used to the warm glow of 24-hour supermarkets and bars, however, in the countryside, you may be surprised by the lack of light and how quickly the country lanes plunge into darkness. As always, be sure to check that all lights and signals are working on your vehicle and use your full beams when appropriate.


In the countryside, there is every chance that you may come across cattle in the road or even see a deer dash out in front of you. Should you come across the situation, it is imperative for the safety of yourself, those around you and the animal that you react appropriately.

Remember that just because the speed limit may be 60pmh does not mean that it is always appropriate to travel at that speed on the stretch of road you are on. If you see signs for cattle or warning signs that deer are nearby, adjust your speed accordingly and use your full beams (where appropriate) to help you see further ahead.

Accidents involving deer peak during May, October and November, so it is important to be extra vigilant around these times. Although your first instinct may be to swerve around the animal, it may be safer for you to continue on your course. If you swerve and hit another car or break sharply and the car behind hits you, this may result in a more serious accident and it will be difficult for you to prove that there was an animal there to cause you to take such an action if they have run off. Remember – if a deer steps out in front of your car, turn your full beam off as this could dazzle the animal and make them freeze.

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