An image of a car on a ramp in the Griffin Autos garage, having an MOT test carried out.

So, you’ve got your MOT test coming up and you’re concerned about whether or not your vehicle will pass the test. Whilst there are many seemingly small things that a vehicle can fail the test for – a blown bulb might spring to mind – you may be surprised to find out that there various issues that won’t mean the test fails.

In our latest post, instead of focusing on the many things you should get sorted before test day, we take a look at some issues that won’t automatically fail the test.

Worn Brake Pads

Unless your brake pads are worn below the minimum threshold of 1.5mm, your car won’t actually fail the MOT test. Where your brake pads are approaching this limit, you may get an advisory to inform you that will need to be replaced soon.

It should be noted, however, that many mechanics still recommend replacing the brake pads where they have worn down to 3mm.

There are various things that can affect the wear of your brakes, but on average a new set should last around 50,000 miles.

Crack in the Windscreen

During the MOT, your mechanic will check for cracks in the windscreen, but not all cracks will cause a fail.

In fact, chips or cracks less than 10mm in the driver’s line of vision, or less than 40mm in the remaining area cleaned by the wipers will not cause your vehicle to fail the MOT test.

Of course, chips and cracks can turn into much larger problems if you should go over a particular harsh bump or pothole, so it is always advised to get these fixed.

Coolant Leak

Spotting fluids leaking from your car can be daunting. Not all leaks, however, will cause your car to fail the test. The DVSA guidelines state two circumstances where a vehicle will fail an MOT test due to the coolant leaking:
Where a pool of fluid that is more than 75mm in diameter is created in under 5 minutes.
Where there are many leaks that will collectively cause a leak at the same rate.

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