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Brake Pads: How Do They Work?

Brakes are an extremely important feature on any vehicle, allowing the car to slow down and stop safely when necessary. For our latest post, we discuss everything to do with brakes, giving you the lowdown on how they work to help keep you safe on the road. How Do...

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Lowering Springs Vs. Coilovers

Lowering your vehicle can add aesthetic appeal, as well as increase its performance. Here at Griffin Autos, we have been offering a quality tuning service to ensure you get the most out of your car for many years. In our latest post, we discuss the fundamental...

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New Year, New Car

If the new year means a new car for you, there are a few things you should bear in mind, before you buy. In the latest blog post from Griffin Autos, we discuss top tips for looking for a new vehicle. Firstly, shopping for a new car should be an enjoyable experience....

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Winter Driving Tips

The winter can bring with it severe weather, which can make driving dangerous. The recommendation is to avoid driving in bad weather unless you really have to, but should you need to drive, make sure you remain safe on the road. In the latest blog post from Griffin...

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Driving in the Countryside

If you are used to driving in cities or towns, you may be surprised by how you need to adapt when driving through the countryside. For today’s post, we take a look at hazards you’ll find in the countryside and our top tips for navigating these winding roads. Light In...

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Driving in Wet Weather Conditions

Driving in wet weather conditions can cause a variety of issues if appropriate safety measures not taken. We’ve had a long summer, but now the weather is starting to change. For our latest post, we discuss our top tips for driving in wet weather conditions. Safety...

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Three Amazing Road Trips You Must Take

Many of us love getting in our car and taking it out on the open road. With over 200,000 miles of road in the UK, there are plenty of amazing driving routes to explore. For today’s blog post, we discuss three awesome road trips to take in the United Kingdom. Snake...

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Driving During the Summer

When driving during the summer, you may not encounter ice, heavy rainfall or fog, but there are still many things to consider when you're out and about. For our latest post, we discuss top tips for driving during the summer months, helping to keep you safe on the...

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The Importance of Car Servicing

It goes without saying that any item that is well maintained - whether it be a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, an electrical gadget, or even your car, will last much longer than one that isn't. Griffin Autos discusses the importance of servicing your car: Safety...

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Do I Need a New Clutch?

The clutch forms a vital component of your car. Without a clutch, you wouldn't be able to change between gears, or come to a stop without stalling your vehicle. In the latest blog post, Griffin Autos discusses the common signs that you need a clutch replacement,...

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After working at Vauxhall dealers and independent garages Craig Rumbelow and Russell Carter established Griffin Autos in 2008. Securing their unit in Ampthill industrial park with space for up to eight cars they have grown the business and become well-known and trusted mechanics for engine conversions, modifications, servicing and repairs.