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When to Switch from Winter Tyres

In the UK, more and more people are opting to use Winter tyres in the cooler months.  Not just suitable for snow and ice, Winter tyres help maintain grip and control on the roads.  However, for optimal performance it is suggested that they be used when the temperature...

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Tips for Buying a Used Car

Before you delve right into trying to find your perfect new vehicle, there are a few things you should decide on first. Doing a bit of prior planning will save you hours of time could easily be swallowed up in the vortex that is the used car market. Narrowing Down...

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A Brief History of The Vauxhall Car

It was in 1857 that founder, Alexander Wilson, began what we now know as Vauxhall. Back then, the company was named Alex Wilson and Company and it wasn’t until 1907 when this changed to Vauxhall Motors. The First Vauxhall Car In 1903 the first Vauxhall car was made....

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Be a Safe Driver this Winter

With the cold weather settled and here to stay for a while, we discuss a few of the handy things you should keep in your vehicle to make setting off as easy as possible. If you’re going out early in the morning, it’s likely that you’ll be met with a layer of frost on...

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Car Problems That Won’t Fail Your MOT

So, you’ve got your MOT test coming up and you're concerned about whether or not your vehicle will pass the test. Whilst there are many seemingly small things that a vehicle can fail the test for - a blown bulb might spring to mind - you may be surprised to find out...

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Types of Power Steering Problems

Problems with your power steering can make your car extremely hard to turn. Whilst problems with power steering can be fixed, they can be dangerous for a driver that suddenly loses this power. There are various reasons your power steering may stop working, and so for...

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Driving in the City: Top Tips

Whether you’re travelling to a city for business or pleasure, the prospect of driving around can seem daunting if you’re not used to city driving. Previously, we shared out tips on driving in the countryside, and for today’s post, we discuss driving in the city and...

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The Evolution of Cars

Cars are such a ubiquitous site that it can sometimes be difficult to imagine them looking any different to how do today. Some of the very first cars, however, were in fact made with a steam engine. Gas powered cars were introduced in 1891, making a big turning point...

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Four Signs There’s a Problem with Your Suspension

Cars are clever machines which will often exhibit various signs if there is something wrong with them. When it comes to your car's suspension, there are several signs that you may spot if an issue should occur, however diagnosing the cause of these can take up more...

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How to Tell if Your Cambelt Needs Changing

Your cambelt will need changing at some point during your cars life span. However, the timeframe that your cambelt will need changing is between 40,000 and 100,000 miles or between four and six years. Although there is no one size fits all approach, our latest blog...

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After working at Vauxhall dealers and independent garages Craig Rumbelow and Russell Carter established Griffin Autos in 2008. Securing their unit in Ampthill industrial park with space for up to eight cars they have grown the business and become well-known and trusted mechanics for engine conversions, modifications, servicing and repairs.