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With the cold weather settled and here to stay for a while, we discuss a few of the handy things you should keep in your vehicle to make setting off as easy as possible.

If you’re going out early in the morning, it’s likely that you’ll be met with a layer of frost on your car that you’ll need to remove. Keeping an ice scraper in your car is crucial, you may also want to make use of de-icer spray to help remove the ice build-up quickly.

There are various other items you may find handy to keep in your vehicle at this time of year;

Snow shovel
First aid kit

The Highway Code for Lights, Mirrors and Windows

Point 229 of the Highway Code says that all windows, mirrors and lights on your vehicle must be clear of ice and snow before you set off. Whilst it is not a requirement to remove snow from the roof of your car, you should be aware that whilst driving, clumps of snow could fall onto your windscreen or onto other cars behind you and cause an accident. If this happens, you may be penalised for driving without due care and attention.

Tyre Tread

The tread of your tyres can make a difference to the amount of grip your car has on the road. Make sure your tyres have at least 3mm all the way around the circumference and entire breadth of the tyre.

Accelerating and Braking

Everything needs to be done more slowly and considerately when driving in icy conditions. Apply the accelerator gently when pulling off; in some cases, you may find pulling off in second gear more helpful.

Because you ‘ll need to apply the brakes more slowly when driving in icy conditions, you will need to leave a greater stopping distance to usual. It is recommended to leave a gap of at least 10 times the usual stopping distance – you may want to leave an even bigger gap at high speeds.

Griffin Autos

Keeping your car safe on the roads this winter is as much about preparing for the weather as it is ensuring that your car is safe to be on the road. If you have noticed any signs of a fault with your Vauxhall, book an appointment with us today. Whether it’s a noise you’ve not heard before, a light on your dashboard or a leak, our dedicated team will inspect the problem and have you back on the road in no time. Please call 01525 402896 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.