6 Signs Indicating Your Brakes Might Need Repairs

Even someone with only a basic understanding of automobiles may recognise and value the significance of brakes. However, it is possible to ignore the warning signs that your car’s brakes require maintenance or even replacement. In order to assist you in determining when your brakes require attention, Griffin Autos will go over the most typical indications of car brake wear and tear.

1) Leaks

A puddle will develop under your car if there is damage to your brake line and liquid is seeping out, which may be the easiest sign to detect. If your car has been sitting still for some time, you might be able to see this.

2) Car Pulling to One Side

If your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, there may be an object in the brake fluid, and you will need to have it emptied and changed. Alternately, it can indicate that your brake linings need to be readjusted because they are wearing unevenly. A collapsed brake hose or uneven brake pad wear are some potential causes of your car pushing to one side.

3) Screeching Sound

If you hear this sound, it’s crucial to get your brakes examined right away because it’s frequently the first indication that your brakes are failing. This noise happens when the brake pads are wearing down or when overly hard braking causes glazing of the rotors.

4) Sensitive or Insensitive Brakes

The rotors may have worn down unevenly or your brake fluid may need to be replaced if even the lightest touch to your brake causes your car to lurch. On the other hand, if you have to slam on the brakes, there may be air in the braking fluid or too-thin brake pads.

5) Vibrations

It’s possible that your brakes are less effective if you notice any unusual motion coming from your car, such as shaking or vibrating. This might be caused by the rotors warping.

6) Grinding Sound

A loud grinding noise typically indicates that the brake pads have completely worn out and are now grinding against the rotors. If this is neglected, the heat produced by braking could cause the brakes to damage the motors or possibly melt them together.

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