MOT vs Car Servicing- What’s the Difference?

We here at Griffin Autos have decided to run you through the key difference between an MOT and car servicing in order for you to understand why they are both imperative to the smooth operation of your vehicle.

What is an MOT?

To begin, a MOT is named after the Ministry of Transport, which means that an MOT is a test that is required by law and is government-issued. This is to ensure your vehicle meets the minimum standards set by the. drivers and vehicle standards agency (DVSA).

These checks are employed to ensure your car is roadworthy by reviewing things such as safety and emissions. It is important to note that an MOT is a completely ‘visual test’ with nothing being removed from the vehicle itself throughout the entire check. An MOT is a standardised test that should be carried out once per year.

What is Car Servicing?

A service is an inspection of a vehicle which is not dictated by the DVSA but by the car’s manufacturer and the individual garage. A set of guidelines is used to inspect the safety, dependability, and working condition of the vehicle’s various components.

Within a car service, lights, brakes, suspension and engine inspections are carried out. A service is more comprehensive than a MOT because it includes the replacement of engine oil, spark plugs, and air filters depending on the situation. Car services go beyond an MOT as its goal is to optimise the performance of your vehicle rather than just making sure it is road worthy.

So, Why Do I Need Both?

Although an MOT and a service both include some basic checks that they have in common, the goal of each is distinct and unique. The goal of a MOT is to ensure that your car is operating at the bare minimum so that it is not a danger to yourself or others when driven, whereas a service aims to help your car run at its best. Furthermore, these tests are usually both performed annually, but they are staggered so that they are not performed at the same time, and your car only goes around six months before it is checked again.

Essentially, both the MOT and servicing of your car are required to check that your vehicle is safe, in a good condition, and is roadworthy. Therefore, it’s critical that you have these procedures performed by reputable garages at the appropriate intervals.

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